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Bali Safari Park

Home to over a thousand amazing animals - Bali Safari Park is your destination for an adventurous, fun, educational experience. Our park is home to animals representing more than 100 species, including rare & endangered species - the Komodo Dragon, Orangutan and the Bali Mynah bird.

Bali Safari Park is at the frontline of wildlife conservation in Indonesia. We are actively involved in ensuring the future survival and wellbeing of many Indonesian animal species. A member of SEAZA (The South East Asians Zoo Associations), CBSG (Conservation Breeding Specialist Group) & PKBSI (Indonesia Zoological Parks Associations).

Begin your Safari Journey with our Safari Tram or enjoy a private safari adventure with a 4x4 Jeep, choose the Elephant Back Safari package and interact with your favorite animals! Indulge in the wildest fine dining experience surrounded by lions, meerkats and porcupines at the Tsavo Lion restaurant. You can unwind with the spectacular shows of Bali Agung at our state-of-the-art theater or splash around with family and friends at our Water Park and Fun Zone. Get to know our animals with world class Safari packages for adventurous, fun, educational experiences!

1. Elephant (Loxodonta)

Elephant Bali Safari Park

Elephants are known to be the largest land mammals and live in large groups, which are led by the most experienced female in the group. Females are usually able to give birth at the age of 10 years to a single calf after a 22 month pregnancy period. They need roughly 200kg of food daily, including grass, bamboo, nuts, and fruit. They drink about 150 litres of water per day.

2. Tiger (Panthera tigris)

Tiger Bali Safari Park

Tigers are as majestic as they appear. The tiger is the largest member of the "big cat" species, as they can weigh up to 350kg. There are 6 subspecies of tigers in the world - Malayan tiger, South China Tiger, Indochinese Tiger, Sumatran Tiger, Bengal Tiger, and Siberian Tiger. They usually hunt for food in the late afternoons or at night for larger prey like wild pigs, deer and, at times, monkeys and even frogs. Tigers need to feed on up to 27 kilograms of meat in one night, but more often they consume up to 6 kilograms of meat during a meal.

3. Lions (Panthera leo)

Lion Bali Safari Park

The lion's mane is the most recognizable feature of the species. The mane starts growing when lions are about one year old. Mane color varies and darkens with age. Research results indicate that environmental factors, such as average temperature, influence the mane's color and size. Mane length apparently signals fighting success in male-male relationships. Darker-maned individuals may have longer reproductive lives and higher offspring survival. The main purpose of the mane is to protect the lion's neck and throat in territorial fights with rivals.

4. Rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis)

Rhino Bali Safari Park

The main difference between black and white rhinos is the shape of their mouths – white rhinos have broad flat lips for grazing, whereas black rhinos have long pointed lips for eating foliage. Then we have the three Asian species, The Indian rhinoceros the Javan rhinoceros and The Sumatran rhinoceros.

5. Hippo (Hippopotamus amphibius)

Hippo Bali Safari Park

While hippopotamuses rest near each other in the water, grazing is a solitary activity and hippos are not territorial on land. The hippopotamus is among the most dangerous animals in the world as it is highly aggressive and unpredictable. They are threatened by habitat loss and poaching for their meat and ivory canine teeth.

1. Jungle Hopper

Bali Safari Park - Jungle Hopper
Bali Safari Park - Jungle Hopper
Bali Safari Park - Jungle Hopper
Bali Safari Park - Jungle Hopper

An unforgettable experience! Enjoy Bali’s best safari experience at the home of amazing animals representing over 100 species, including the rare and endangered Komodo Dragon, Orangutan, and the Bali Mynah.

Description : The Jungle Hopper is our number one selling ticket! This popular Safari package embarks you on an adventure in the wildlife to encounter a wide variety of animals, even endangered species. Please see inclusions, combined with traditional Balinese culture, aquarium access and special show access, we guarantee you, friends & family an unforgettable wildlife experience.


  1. Safari Journey (1x)
  2. Fresh Water Aquarium
  3. Animal Presentation
  4. Harimau Show
  5. Elephant Show
  6. Bali Agung Show (Silver Seat)
  7. Waterpark
  8. Afternoon Tea at Uma Restaurant
  9. Tax included

Rate :

Starting from: IDR 720.000 per person (must book one day in advance)


2. Elephant Back Safari Package

Bali Safari Park - Elephant Back Safari Package
Bali Safari Park - Elephant Back Safari Package
Bali Safari Park - Elephant Back Safari Package
Bali Safari Park - Elephant Back Safari Package

Meet our elephants! Bali Safari Park’s Elephant Back Safari offers the breathtaking experience of riding one of the largest land mammals through an African-themed Bushveld surrounded by Wildebeests, Zebras, and Rhinoceros, roaming free. The educational rides are led by our trained and qualified mahout (handlers) that will guide you through the tour where you will learn more of the fascinating behavior, skills, intelligence, and natural habitat of these gentle giants.

Description : Elephant Back Safari is a guaranteed memorable experience, as the largest land mammal in the world takes you on an exhilarating journey around an African-themed environment. Immerse yourself in the beauty of our authentic setting and enjoy the opportunity of interacting with a number of other free-roaming African animals.


  1. Welcome Drink
  2. Safari Journey (Unlimited and Express Line)
  3. Fresh Water Aquarium
  4. Animal Presentation
  5. Harimau Show
  6. Elephant Show
  7. Elephant Ride (30 Minutes)
  8. Souvenir
  9. Tax included

Rate :

Starting from: IDR 1.250.000 per person (must book one day in advance)


3. Night Safari

Bali Safari Park - Night Safari
Bali Safari Park - Night Safari
Bali Safari Park - Night Safari
Bali Safari ParkNight Safari - Night Safari

Enjoy Bali’s best safari experience after dark! Check our schedule - you wouldn't want to miss it!

Description : Satisfy your senses with the unforgettable experience of a night time adventure in the wilderness. A specially designed caged tram will take you on a journey where you will get to witness and hand feed animals at a close range! See our Fire Show, enjoy a BBQ dinner, with aquarium access and our unique shows included, you will experience a true natural wildlife encounter.


  1. Welcome Drink
  2. Walking Safari
  3. Night Safari Journey (1x)
  4. BBQ Dinner at Nkuchiro Restaurant
  5. Afrika! Rhythm of Fire Show
  6. Natural Wildlife Encounter
  7. Tax included
  8. Valid after 6 PM

Rate :

Starting from: IDR 990.000 per person (must book one day in advance)


4. Bali Agung Show

Bali Safari Park - Bali Agung Show
Bali Safari Park - Bali Agung Show
Bali Safari Park - Bali Agung Show
Bali Safari Park - Bali Agung Show

A spectacular cultural performance that features more than 150 Balinese dancers and musicians. The show is a fusion of traditional and modern theatrical arts. Bali Agung showcases a timeless journey through a magical theatrical performance that highlights the rich culture and traditions of Bali. It recounts the tragic and heroic legend of King Sri Jaya Pangus and his beloved Chinese wife, Kang Ching Wie.

Description : An extravagant, world-class show where 150 Balinese dancers, as well as musicians and shadow-puppet masters, perform together with an array of exotic animals. Experience our all in one indoor mega-stage at Bali Theatre, only at Bali Safari Park.

Rate :

Starting from: IDR 720.000 per person (must book one day in advance)



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